4 November 2017

Pengguna Self Laundry Yang Setia


Satu hujung minggu yang sangat lemau. Gara-gara mesin basuh yang ada sebiji..tapi belum pasang lagi walaupun dah 2 minggu jadi tugu kat rumah.

Sekarang pula tengah Intensive Revision Class (IRC) dari rabu sampai khamis minggu depan. Sepatutnya hari ni kelas dari jam 9am sehingga 9pm nanti ( nampak tak jumlah waktu tu...serius la jadi zombi kampung pisang ) ... tapi tengah2 kelas tadi boleh pula teringat baju karate imani tak basuh lagi. Dah pakai hitam tak hengat tak tahu la dia berlatih dalam lumpur ke macam mana. Nak pulak malam ni ada latihan lagi. 

Makanya...lepas tea break tadi...sesuci jiwa...dengan niat anak lebih utama...bangunlah meninggalkan kelas..ambil uber dan balik rumah.

Sebab? Nak bawa baju basuh di kedai. Hahahaha....ponteng kelas untuk basuh baju. Memang cemerlang lah. 😢😢😢.

Dan sekarang.....berpunar biji mata melihat baju berpusing. Tapi tak tipu...seronok sebenarnya basuh baju ni. Destress kitorang rasa. Lebih tenang dari tengok harith dan hanif berperang kat umah. Hahahaha.

Mana Hasif? Bawa budak2 main indoor game di Berjaya Times Square. 

29 October 2017

Why I Chose Yes Academy for ACCA


I had F9 class today, with Oviyan from 9.30AM to 5.30PM. And after 5PM - all my senses shut off 😅😅😅. While my lecturer was still happily talking in front (and the class went off laughing histerically with his jokes) I can only capture the jokes. Not the lesson. 

And it was me for blaming. 100%. Not the lecturer please. So just to keeps me awake, I did the only thing we ALL will do. Facebook -ing (or tweeting, or Instagram-ing). 

So I did 1 post why I chose to continue my ACCA. And how I made the decision which college to enroll and why. In 3 hours - i received more than 35 FB messages asking about the college and some asked if there is any opening in PETRONAS (No. I am not from HR. I did not hiring anyone. Please log in to PETRONAS website for Career Opportunities). I seldom check my FB Message and my FB Lite has a limit of words. And I feels bad if I cant attend to your queries (been there dude, and still. The frustrations when you need to complete your ACCA - but you have only limited information on lecturers and colleges).

So decided - I have to write here. Here I can write in details the reasons. In my own personal capacity. No payment involved. Please also bear with me, am writing this via my OLD Samsung S4 (while playing Hot Wheels with my sons).

So..why YES?

1. Location - this academy is only a walking distance from my office and accessible with many options for public transports. LRT KLCC, LRT Ampang Park, MRT, Feeder Bus, Taxi, Grab, Uber.  And plenty of parking bays in the building should you plan to drive your own car.

2. Cheap - extremely cheap and the only Tuition Center that allows its students to pay in 3x installments. Do tell if there is any other tuition center who charge their students less than 1K for more than 25 normal classes and 5 days IRC? These excluding hours on Webinars and online sharing of questionnaires and tutorial videos. Based on my research as at 30 June 2017 - none. Only in YES Academy they will provide you this luxury.

3. Quality Learning Materials - I hope I can share the sample of their Learning Materials but it is Copyright to YES. The materials really focus on techniques how to attend the examination and exclude all the grandparents stories - normal case for textbook. So if you are busy (i bet most of us are) - the book is a miracle.

4. Credible Lecturers - well. It should goes without introduction. The lectures - they have had their scores of Prize Winners under their belt. Do check their website. Even without that being publicized, their passing rate is tremendous. And the lecturers are mostly world widely known - and they are the marker too (ehem).

And the last - but the most important for my key decision is -

I never met a Lecturer - who is very passionate, they do go beyond in their teaching. I first met Sivasathish in 2011 for my F8. He was then slimmer (and garang) with an attitude equivalent to any Partner in the Big 4 Audit Firm would posses (read: no one like them. Right? 😉).

But when he teaches, the sincerity surface and surpass all the sakit tangan having to write every single word he wrote on the whiteboard. He gave lectures, he attended to your messages, he answered your midnight queries, and definitely your last minute request for tips. And I remember, his SPOT Questions for F8, 95% really out in the exam. I once accused him of keeping a HANTU. or he himself the HANTU. Now, i resorted to the fact - he is definitely a good GAMBLER. Haha. He is a good man. Seriously. Do check in FB how the students respect him (and like him).

And surprisingly, its not only him. The same attitude I noticed - with most of the Lecturers in YES. I had my F6 with Siva Nair. My F7 with Joe Fang (okay. Gonna repeat this next year. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭). And now my F9 with Oviyan. They all shared the same attitude and passion in teaching. They do treat you like their precious students - and its really left to your effort to study and try to pass the paper. Given the opportunity, I think they will also sit the exam for you. Haha.

Ok. I think I've spelled out all the justifying and reasoning here. Do check their website and Facebook - and do yourself the justice by learning only from the best. At the end of the day, we aim to pass kan..... so lets find the best that could help us to it.

YES Academy website : http://yes.edu.my/

Drop me email please should you have any enquiry. I will try to help - if its within my capacity to respond >> irina_matshafie@gmail.com


28 October 2017

Hasif _ Terima Kasih


2 minggu dalam bulan September, lepas Bibik sengal buat drama, kitorang masih dalam trial and error apa yang terbaik dalam bab menguruskan anak-anak dan rumah.

Nak masukkan taska, macam rugi sebab setiap Jumaat dalam September, saya cuti dan Hasif pun bekerja 3 hari sahaja seminggu.  Jadi lepas bincang, kitorang setuju, anak-anak Hasif akan jaga siang, dan dia atur kerja2 untuk malam.

Dan tahulah bila babah yang menjaga, balik rumah memang tak rupa rumah, makanan masak pagi jarang bersentuh sebab anak-anak ambil peluang pau babah dorang makan di luar. Itu tak kira lagi aktiviti-aktiviti tak berpekdah yang happily akan dicerita bila mama dorang balik rumah.

Ada satu hari, Hasif call suruh jumpa di Kids and Gym ni sahaja, memang tempat lepak anak2 suatu masa dahulu, time kaya raya dan mama dorang cuti kerja.

And well, by the look on his face, i believe the kids adore you and really appreciate what you have done to them. One day, this video will be the good reminiscing memories for us.

Thank you Hasif. 

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