INFO: Petua Guna Makanan Sebagai Ubat


Akhir-akhir ni, kitorang lebih banyak gunakan benda-benda tradisional kalau sakit. Contoh : kalau rasa nak demam, cepat2 minum je air kosong banyak2 atau buat lemon tinggal semalam dalam peti ais. Agak-agak batuk, madu + lada hitam atau kalau dah kronik sangat kicap manis + limau.
Bila jumpa paed pun, Dr Anthony sekarang memang jarang tak hengat bagi antibiotik. Kalau dah teruk tahap maksima, agak-agak memang kena admit, baru dia bagi ubat. Dan kitorg suka sangat dengan pendekatan ni.
Tapi ilmu kitorang memang sangat limited.
Jadi, gatal tangan kita tengok di internet apa ada. Dan alhamdulillah untuk permulaan, jumpa ni.
Saya kongsi untuk semua. Moga bermanfaat.
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To Quit or To Stick


Since we meet 16 years ago, Hasif is my confidant. He listen, he gives advice when it deems neccesary and most of the time, just brave his shoulder for a return of hours - crying, nagging, scolding and cursing.
Most of the time than not, he wont be interfering, especially when it involves my working or my tales of career (if the ambition is still there 😌 ). And truthfully, these past 4 years was not and still helping and worth of telling. Surface, I hit the aim and delivered as expected, getting recognitions and all, but..
am struggling in silence. a real struggle.
and it does affecting my support system as well. And deterioriting my health. Visits to hospitals, almost a year of unpaid leave, sudden change of emotions and building wall around me ONLY to deliver the expectations and not socializing with the rest (it HURTS when you have people as your middle name).
Not a word to my management. They care. For sure. If I spilled the bean to right people. 

But I chose not. Ye…

Kids Never Lies


Terima kasih Hanif. You make my day..hahahahah...Mama memang kurus.

Saya Kagum Wanita Ini - Datuk Sri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (DSWA)


Saya tidak suka politik. Jujur. Tapi saya tidak pernah gagal keluar mengundi, sebab itu tanggungjawab saya. Cuma siapa yang diundi, RAHSIA.
Tapi bukan pasal politik yang mahu saya kongsi. Mengenai seorang tokoh yang saya cukup kagumi peribadi. Sebagai seorang wanita. Dan isteri. Dan ibu.
Mama selalu bercerita mengenai kawan-kawan. Ada ketika, mama juga pernah bercerita mengenai tokoh ini. Tidak pernah negatif. Hanya yang baik-baik sahaja. Yang saya simpulkan, sangat kuat hati dan tabah, wajah manis dan tampak lembut di luar, tapi sebenarnya sangat gagah dan berprinsip di dalam. Dalam diam, saya mengikut cerita.
Saya melihat tokoh ini, dari kecemerlangan beliau sebagai seorang isteri. Dan banyaknya mama bila bercerita juga, adalah kekaguman mama pada tokoh ini, yang sanggup berjuang hingga habis, berdiri meyokong suami, walau segala macam dugaan datang dan pergi. Setia menggalas tanggungjawab keluarga bagi pihak suami.
Kita tidak boleh faham mereka. Sebab kita tiada dalam…

INFO: Taxi in Miri


I prefer moving around using taxi in Miri, rather than rent a car and drive on my own for two reasons:
1 - The driver in Miri are mostly well behave on the road, normal speed limit is 60KM/hour and horn is not permissible
2 - I had an experience driving right to Native Village. Its scary. Seriously.
And for the past 2 years, I always use this one taxi. The driver (Bernard) is a young Chinese guy, very good manner, gentleman and softspoken. He will carry the bags, open and close the door (and apologize profusely if I do it myself), and text for arriving 1 or 2 minutes late. Unfortunately today, he was on trip to Brunei. So I called his friend to send me to airport. Little I know that he was also calling his friend to fetch me on behalf.
So, there were basically 2 taxis arriving at the same place. The 1st taxi was sooooo angry, and accusing me of trying to made fun. The 2nd taxi called Bernard, and I dont know what he said, its turn out the 1st taxi driver said sorry and le…

Cake ... Again


We need to send our car for service, and as the service centre just opposite Festival City, and the car needs at least 3 hours to complete, we walked to the shopping mall .. just to kill time.
Our definition of killing time is..... windows shopping or walking-around-burning-the-calories. No money involve.
And we are in teribble denial , that definition can still applies when we bring these two-little-monsters.
Their definition of killing time is totally opposite us - shopping-eating-running around-shopping again-and eating again.
So the 3 hours ended up exactly as their wishes. 1st stop - new shoes. 2nd stop - cake. 3rd stop - new book. 4th stop - lunch (and cake again).

Honestly, I should start learning how to bake from my mother. Else, our monthly entertainment will always end up for bakery eat out.

The New (Expensive) Hobby.. sob sob


I know I should not be complaining, or comparing their choice of hobby with mine decade ago, but come on kids, why chose things that are soooooooooooooooooo expensive?
I have to blame Hasif on this. He is the one who introduce this stuff to our kids 2 years ago, and its continuing. Tsk tsk. Just glad he paid all, so I dont have too much of avenue to complaint, but still, a hundreds ringgit for a brick?

Tell me please, where can I get cheaper LEGO?