INFO: Taxi in Miri


I prefer moving around using taxi in Miri, rather than rent a car and drive on my own for two reasons:

1 - The driver in Miri are mostly well behave on the road, normal speed limit is 60KM/hour and horn is not permissible

2 - I had an experience driving right to Native Village. Its scary. Seriously.

And for the past 2 years, I always use this one taxi. The driver (Bernard) is a young Chinese guy, very good manner, gentleman and softspoken. He will carry the bags, open and close the door (and apologize profusely if I do it myself), and text for arriving 1 or 2 minutes late. Unfortunately today, he was on trip to Brunei. So I called his friend to send me to airport. Little I know that he was also calling his friend to fetch me on behalf.

So, there were basically 2 taxis arriving at the same place. The 1st taxi was sooooo angry, and accusing me of trying to made fun. The 2nd taxi called Bernard, and I dont know what he said, its turn out the 1st taxi driver said sorry and left *fuhhhhh*

And guys, if you happen to be visiting Miri, do use this taxi driver. And experience his service yourself.


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